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Oh No time to be sad again Johnny English sequel on the cards…Thanks Universal!

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In 2003 when I was at Salford University studying Graphic Design, a group of Media/Film students had to do an survey about movies that where in the cinema back in 2003, they where particularly interested in students like myself massive movie fans. That month Johnny English was one of the ‘big’ releases they asked several questions and when they asked who has seen Johnny English and when do you intend to see they go a 0%. This shocked them

So Universal according to Variety are looking to make Johnny English 2. In the days of money been tight, even studios folding many projects are either been put into hiatus or just simply scrapped like Josh Brolin’s Cartel movie and when you hear movies like Johnny English are getting a second movie despite a below average success it could make you angry.

Johnny English is played by English actor Rowan Atkinson better know for his role as the clumsy slient(-ish) comedy character Mr Bean whom isnt funny but I rather remember him for the classic Blackadder BBC comdey show  he did for many years. English is a rather clumsy bumbling spy who reminds me a little of the movies like the classic Spies like us (Chevy chase & Dan Ackroyd) where they beleive they are spies but more decoy spies for the real spy. I have been in rooms where people watching Mr Bean wetting themselves whilst I wait for the funny parts, I also learned whilst flying Alitalia from Athens to Rome when a Mr Bean episode was shown onboard to keep your opinions of Bean to yourself, the Italians adore him. There probably the reason why English was more successful outside USA – about £115 million compared to USA’s £26 million (which is about what some blockbusters make on a day/over a weekend!!!).

St Trinian’s (another pathetic movie) director Oliver Parker will be the sequels director with Mr bean’s Holiday writer Hamish McColl
writing the script. I’m not saying Cartel would be any better than Johnny English  2 but if your going to make a comedy try make a decent comedy instead of been bombardied with so many sequels, prequels, reboots which majority didnt need to be made. What’s happened to the raw talent out there? original scripts?Money is tight and if movie studio’s are going bust maybe they should have had a look at the movies they dished out or even the projects they scrapped and maybe they could still be here to create another movie.


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