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Tron Legacy Sequel is in Production!

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source HeyUguys

its still about 8 months to go before the long awaited sequel to Tron, TRON LEGACY hits our cinemas December time we’ve just recently got the first trailer and as closer we get to the release date more trailers, tv spots, etc… will be on us. But according to Heat Vision Blog the sequel to Tron Legacy has already started filming!!!

This is a little bit over confident from Disney many months before Legacy has hit the cinemas they must believe they have a winner on the cards (which we all hope they do), but this is an risk and how many times have we seen fantastic trailers for only the movie to be one big flop? too many times! This was a risk that Guy Ritchie took with Sherlock Holmes but luckily for him the movie did enough for the sequel to be worthwhile.

Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz the writing brains behind the Lost TV series (Friday Nights Sky 1) have apparently been brought in to start working on the sequels storyline but as the second movie is not with us yet none of the cast or even the director Joseph Kosinki.


One thought on “Tron Legacy Sequel is in Production!

  1. sparebedroom says:

    This is about the most anticipated release on the schedule for me this year. I’m all for them greenlighting more sequels now, if they feel like it. Sounds like, though, they’re just at early script stages. This doesn’t necessarily mean “in production.”

    It’s just a smart move on Disney’s part. If Legacy rocks the box office (as it should!) then they are that much ahead on getting the next one out while buzz is going. If it underperforms badly, they’ve only wasted some releatively small change on paying screenwriters to develop a script.

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