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source Flickcast

Been a busy day for me today didn’t think I would get online but here I am and below is the first trailer for DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS which has been debuted online by Paramount.

The movie stars Steve Carrell (Yes that guy who did the weather on British morning tv on april fools day!!!) and I Love you Man Paul Rudd along with Zach Galifianakis, Jermaine Clement, Bruce Greenwood, Stephanie Szostak and David Walliams of Little Britain fame. The movie is directed by Austin Powers/Meet The Parents director Jay Roach and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air creator Andy Borowitz has written the screenplay.

Dinner For Schmucks is about a guy (Rudd) is on the verge of having it all and he needs to find a guest to go to his managers annual for extra ordinary people but he must bring a eccentric guest. Out of the blue he meets Barry (Carrell) a man who loves to dress up mice in tiny clothing, it does sound a bit over the top.I’ve never really been a fan of Carell’s movies even the rest of the cast as well with exception of Jermaine Clement for his part in Conchords and Chevalier in Gentleman Broncos (out April 30th).

so what do you guys think of this? post your views below. Dinner For Scmucks is out August 20th (UK & Ireland) and July 23rd in USA.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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