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Clash of the titans star playing Greek GOD Again

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source Worst Previews

Welsh Actor Luke Evans must love been a god and a greek god especially. He is currently playing Apollo in Clash of The Titans  remake but he is keeping the Greek Mythology robes on as he is playing Zeus (part Liam Neeson plays in The Titans) for Tarsem Singh‘s War of Gods (aka Dawn Of War). Evans was to play Apollo again but Corey Sevier will take over as Apollo, Evans tell us;

He further goes on to mention the difference between this project and The Titans movie –

What Luke Evans does mention is that The Zeus in War of Gods wont be your traditional Zeus like how Liam Nesson played it-

In this one, he gets some gory weapons and gets to do some superhuman things — godlike things — with them. As only Zeus, king of the gods, could do”
War of Gods should be starting filming this month in Canada and will also star Mickey Rourke, John Hurt, Kellan Lutz , Stephen Dorff and Freida Pinto with the date of November 11th 2011 as its targeted American release date.

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