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The New Second Intense Trailer For SALT

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Source Traileraddict
Sony Pictures have just released a new full second Trailer for Phillip Noyce’s SALT starring Angelina Jolie in the lead role. You have to go away back to November since we had the teaser and your mind started to drift away and forgetting about this movie.But fear not we now have an New  trailer thats intense and exciting with some new footage thrown in for good measure.

Reading various blog & sites around the web this movie is getting mixed reviews I’m slighty more toward favouring the movie and will probably have it on my list to see when it comes out in UK & Ireland on August 20th (USA July 23rd), It wont be my all time favourite.

 This part was originally made for a male lead with Edward A.Salt instead of Evelyn A.Salt, it was originally made for Tom Cruise to play that part some may wonder would he have been better, I dont really think there would be any difference it’s all down the story with me is that solid enough? Only time will tell.

SALT tells the story of Evelyn A.Salt an dedicated C.I.A Officer who has sworn and duty, honour and Country and is accused of been a Russian Sleeper Spy, she must envade capture and prove her innocence to the people who believe she’s out to kill the president.

As the opening line of the trailer says “You Think everyone is who they say they are”!

High Definition lovers you can check out the trailer in glorious HD at Apple.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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