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Moon director Duncan Jones says Sony ‘screwed’ Him out of DVD Sales

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source ThePlaylist

When you create something that becomes successfull you should expect to reap the awards of your successfull project but if your name is Duncan Jones it doesn’t seem to be the case as he very unhappy.

Moon was one of the surpise hits of 2009 which I havent personally seen yet (I was in asia at the time it was out) and coming from the internets world of movie blogs & websites, newspaper reviews it was an fantastic movie created in the style of the old fashion 1970’s slow character science fiction. As the awards season approached many believed Duncan Jones should have been given more awards nominations especially the Oscars where fans believed he was screwed there, so Jones was already pissed off with his reps/pr team there.

 Now today on Jone’s Twitter Page he has acused Sony Studios for blowing away the revenue on Moon’s DVD sales in sake of sales of the movie in USA. On his twitter page he lashes out his displeasure of Sony USA’s handling of the DVD sales .

Here’s what he said on his twitter account:

UK DVD sales of Moon a healthy 120,000+. US numbers? Less than half that… due to huge number of “free” copies given to rental companies.

then they can split rental revenue with those chains, and pay the film makers… you guessed it… nothing.

Did you know that sometimes, when a studio wants to screw an indie film, they actually “give away” the DVD to large rental chains? …

Just learned how we got “got” by the studio on Moon, and wont be getting any revenue from it. Very angry.


From the above chatter it looks like Sony has virtually given his movie away to rental companies losing massive potiental revenue in dvd sales. According to the post Sony UK have also given the sale to rental as well but been based in UK there isnt as many major rental companies here as in USA and i have seen alot of stores selling the dvd (so im inclined to say it more dvd than rental in uk).

As and if  Jones has been screwed I dont really know, the free copies of the dvd given out has probably helped places like Blockbuster (really the franchise in uk that has rental shops) and Lovefilm shift more dvds. It would be wrong for a studio to just promote a major successful movie via rental routes only, if your a fan you’ll want to buy the DVD,  but If I was Duncan Jones I would kicking ass with your pr team why you got screwed over the oscars and other major awards.


3 thoughts on “Moon director Duncan Jones says Sony ‘screwed’ Him out of DVD Sales

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  2. Pete Robson says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I’m big fan of the movie but also a graphic designer by trade. I’m an Australian citizen; over hear we have the TV series ‘the good wife’ running…when it goes to add break they use a graphic which is a direct rip-off from your DVD cover. Just thought you might like to know….that in my opinion is a blatant breach of artistic property.

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