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Is It A ‘FANTASTIC VOYAGE’ For Paul Greengrass?

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source Empire

In this generation of remakes and reboots, you every switch on your computer log into the internet or simply pick up your favourite movie magazine and see what movie is getting the reboot treatment. As we know some you can put up with giving them a chance others you simply cringe and want hid in the darkest cupboard you can find. We’ve known for a While That the classic 1966 sci-fi movie Fantastic Voyage was going to be ‘modernised’ for 21st century.

Paul Greengrass isn’t a director known for wanting to direct science fiction, more action pack thrillers with an political twist, real life grity event or simple crime dramas but according to Variety 20th century Fox are in talks for him to direct the remake .

If he does acceptthe production of the movie will be done by James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment, with AlienVs Predators Shane Salerno already onboard the team. This will be an big event  Movie for Fox and this will be one of the movies which will get the 3D treatment  shot from the start not like some of the post-production dribble  and with Cameron’s team onboard this will be properly done with the right gear from the start.

Fantastic Voyage  story was about an scientist who defects from the iron curtain and was been escorted by CIA and his convoy was ambushed with the scientist been shot. To save the scientist a group of minture scientists have to be mintaurized and injected into the victims bloodstream to save the scientist dying.

If Greengrass accepts the project this will be his first ‘fantastic voyage’ into the world of science fiction and his signature hand held filming wont be useful here. This movie in special effects in 1966 was ahead of its time and with the 3d backing from the king of 3d James Cameron this could have the chance of been a fantastic 3d movie, I shall wait in patience to see if i can be converted.


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