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The Brand New Second Trailer For The A-TEAM

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I wish I could call these guys to sort me out a decent job to fix out all my worries, Fox have just debuted the second full new trailer for THE A-TEAM.

 If you are like me in early-mid thirties this would have been part of your tv routine during the 1980’s watching these guys do some justice to the world and it was fantastic to see the popular television show finally going to  get a movie on the big screen. This trailer is alot better than the first one though it does fell like this movie is just a parody rather than homage to a cult tv programme. This feels more like an fast paced action movie but then it does feel rather fun movie for the summer and this Summer  does fell like the summer of action with The Expandables and even The Losers to a lesser extent. We do get a little more insight into the movie and the character though we dont really need to know how badass they all are.

 I’m still a little unsure if im going to like this though as the trailer for me is just upped my level of excitement for this movie a little, I dont want to go to the cinema with high anticipation and come out very disappointed better to go in with a opened mind.

Anyway Check out the trailer tell us what you think and if your in UK or Ireland the movie will be with you by July 30th and Stateside on June 11th.

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Here’s a new poster thats been released as well nothing original in design, well it is the a-team!!! dah dah …..dah dah dah!!! join in if you know the words!!!

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