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Clash Of The Titans Video Interview – Louis Leterrier

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 2 Big movie releases in one week is very rare in British or Irish Cinemas with Kick-ass yesterday (offically) and tomorrow the remake of the classic 1981 fantasy Clash Of The Titans hitting the cinemas.

I havent seen the movie yet and it the movie has come in for some harsh criticism which some believe is unfair, so far from the trailers I have giving it the benefit of the doubt until I see it. Off course the original had Ray Harryhausen special effect though they may look dated now they where state of the art in its day and still very inspirational.

Below is an 16 minute video interview with Louis Leterrier which the good folks at Firstshowing tried their best to promote the movie in a better light and despite it been 16 minutes they where still unable to get all the questions answered. If you are planning to see it watch it with a opened mind dont be judgemental until you see it all, what I’ve read it isn’t perfect but it aint bad. As i’ve said anytime i had Clash of The Titans stuff on my blog This movie has sentimental values to me and if I’m sticking up for the movie it must not all be bad.

Check the blog tomorrow for more video interviews hopefully with the cast, clash of the titans is out UK,Ireland and Usa from tomorrow.

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