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Confirmed David Fincher Will Direct The Girl With Dragon Tattoo not Pawn Sacrifice

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source ThePlaylist

A few weeks ago I  done a post stating that David Fincher was interested in doing the hollywood remake of the sucessful Swedish movie The Girl With Dragon Tattoo part of the millenium Trilogy of popular books by Steig Larsson (the other 2 books are also movies now). The Playlist have posted an article that is saying This will be Fincher’s next movie and not Pawn Sacrifice a 1970’s based Chess drama with Tobey Maguire  as successfull American Chessplayer Bobby fischer . Fincher however did have meetings with their teams and was only helping that movie on an advisory role not taking the directing chair.

Scott Rudin will be Fincher’s producer at Sony with Schindler List/American Gangster writer Steve Zaillian doing the honours on the scripting front.According to the report the script has already been started and when Fincher completes The Social Network there hoping shooting will start late summer around September/October time.

After the gossip came out about Fincher’s possible involvement in the project the rumour mill started on who will play Lisbeth Salander the movies protaginsit and usually it’s whose ‘hot property’ at that time and the name that came out the bag was Carey Mulligan. Carey herself has confirmed she has received no offical approach to play the part and with things just at a early stage that rumour just looks like someone has picked a name out of a hat and created an headline out of nothing. The Playlist believe Fincher wants an unknown actress to play Lisbeth which could be seen as a gamble when looking at how well the original has done worldwide and if it is an unkown it could be a nice stepping for that actress to bigger things. If this is the route David Fincher is taking Sony wont stand in his way as they seem to be very happy so far on what he’s done on the Social Network project.

As for the projects like Pawn Sacrifice and Animated reboot of HeavyMetal 3D what would it mean for them? It looks like its back to the shopping window for them as they hunt for new studio’s and directors, will it mean these projects will be scrapped? I personally dont think so, just a delay in when things will kick off for them.


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