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U.K RedBand Trailer For [REC]2

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IGN have just posted the red band UK trailer for [REC]2 the creepy scary sequel to the classic Spanish ‘zombie’ movie which came out a few years back. I have posted the teasers and original Spanish trailer back in August but as its now due to be released May 28th in UK & Ireland (limited release only) its time it got something new about it.

Last Month’s Glasgow Film Festival the movie was shown but I couldn’t even get a press pass as it sold out within minutes of its sale, so this year I plan to see it. I did miss the first one when it was shown in UK cinemas due to going overseas to work and took the gamble and bought the dvd last year and it was a worthwhile gamble. The first movie was very refreshing original look at the zombie genre and its obivious movie 2 wont be as strong as movie one as its just a follow on but still good movie.

[REC] 2 will be out in UK &Ireland from May 28th.

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