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Ron Weasley’s All Grown up Now…Trailer For CherryBomb

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source Collider

Everyone has to grow up one day, move on and become and adult and face the tribulations life has on offer for adults worldwide. Ron Weasley aka Rupert Grint is trying is best to move into more adult roles as the transition away from Harry Potter franchises gets closer and his first attempt is with CHERRYBOMB.

Cherrybomb revolves around irsh guys (Grint and Sheehan) who fall for the same girl (Nixon) and throw in a big dash of sex,drugs and rock ‘n’roll. This is one of those coming of age flicks and its not bad and im sure alot of the target audience will like the modern indie music soundtrack as well.

It’s set in Ulster and Rupert’s northern Irish accent isn’t too bad either, movie also stars Robert Sheehan, Kimberly Nixon and James Nesbitt and will be out in UK and Ireland on April 23rd

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