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Rachel Weisz to play villain in next James Bond Movie?

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source CinemaBlend

This is an interesting post I found at Cinema Blend according to there sources that she could be coming the villian in James Bond movie 23! She is beautiful enough to be a bondgirl some may say she’s too old to be that, though if you with real age she is younger than Bond Daniel Craig who is in early 40’s.  She is actually friends with craig whom both are working together on Dream House plus she has had an personal liason with wanna be Bond director Sam Mendes and she has openly said she would would like to be in Bond movie as well, so why not?

Apart from beauty she does have the caliber as well been British to play in a Bond movie and Cinemablend source go further and say that that MGM bigwisg and thinking of having her as a villan but no ordinary villain. They are looking at making her head of Qauntim the secret company responsible for all the bad guys & girls thrown at James Bond in the last 2 movies. It would be perfect that the mastermind behind all of 007’s suffering would be a woman, the one weakness of  Britian’s number one superagent!!!

Bond movies have thrown up the odd nasty female villain like Framke Jannsen in Goldeneye as the delectible but vicious  Xenia Onatopp, but the question we must ask will Weisz become that super villain?

Like the source of this post they also question if the rumour is true but like this blog i’ll post as much info about any rumours that come our way but many of those rumours stay rumours but alot also are reliable. Its the name of the game these days not to give the sources name but what they do say is the source comes from what they claim the first person to tell us all about Black Widow to be in next month’s Iron Man 2 movie. So for the meantime I would file this one under to be continued at a later date.

What do you guys think of this gossip?


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