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Over 100 versions of AVATAR Created By Fox

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source Worst Previews

Here’s an interesting article I found on Worst Previews that they got from THR who are reporting that 20th Century Fox created over an 100 version’s of James Cameron’s epic movie Avatar. This was simply an gigantic task for Fox to make sure as many cinema’s where able to show the movie world as well give the best movie experience  ever.As cinema’s worldwide are different in size as well as equipment  so this is the reason for so many versions of the movie.

18 versions where made for the domestic market (American market) and a further 92 versions for the international market, which was released in an amazing 47 languages. The international released movies where released  either as a subtitled or dubbed versions, 58 subtitled & 36 dubbed  for the digital 3d then theres 8 dubbed in digital 2d. We also have the IMAX  versions which had 23 subtitled with 15 dubbed then theres screen sizes to think of as well. As cinema screens come in all shapes and sizes, there’s 3 scopes the movie had to be created into; Scope (2:39:1), flat (1:85:1) and IMAX (1:43:1). In some cases, a  multiplex cinema maybe  required to  different versions for different screen configurations.

Even down to the lightining in the movie also was a factor with different 3-d glassess created to suit different screens, Fox have certainly covered every single angle down to the smallest detail to make sure all of us enjoyed the movie.

We had a very big flow chart with all of the different steps, so we could send the right media to the right theater,” said Fox Vice President  Steve Barnet.
Since the oscars I have seen the Hurt Locker, it was good movie but at times I was very bored of it, it was like slow motion but I am one of the blogs who supported and happy that a female director is able to take on the boys at their own game and win. There is room for ALL directors and the feat of Kathryn Bigelow winning the oscar was made special because the genre of the movie was regarded as an genre that only male directors have done (and failed miserably in the past). So hats of to Miss Bigelow for breaking the barriers but I have to say I enjoyed Avatar better.

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