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David Croneberg & Viggo Mortensen back together again for Eastern Promises Sequel

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Pre Lord Of The Rings I have heard of Viggo Mortensen  but never could tell any of his movies, some where known movies but his parts where sometimes small ones. But Since the day he played Aargon I have to say my respect for him as an actor grew very fast and his last movie as Father in The Road summed  up how good an actor he is. David Cronenberg I was more familar with, his dark, horror movies like Scanners, Videodrome to the more recent the underated Spider and History of Violence also working with Viggo.

Director’s like there certain actors and Actors like their certain directors and both Cronenberg & Mortensen do work very well together and both last worked together on Eastern Promises , a movie set in the seedy underworld of London’s crime families about a death of a teen who died during birth and her child could be linked to a rape from a member of a notorious Russian mob family headed by Mortensen. I haven’t seen this movie but I have been told by my hardcore movie friend this is one one the best gangster movies that has been made in the last 10years, so Deadline is reporting that the sequel for Eastern Promises will be created.

This will see Cronenberg & Mortensen reunited once again  along with movie one writer Steve Knight all we need now is Naomi Watts to complete the line up. Focus Features will be the studio involved in this yet to be titled project with filming looking to start next winter, there’s not much info on this movie but when we get the info Ill let you know. 

Viggo Mortensen will probably will be seen on our screens in The Talking Cure also an movie to be directed by Cronenberg which will be based on the intense relationship between Sigmund Frued (Mortensen) and Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender), the is to start filming very shortly and will also have Kera Knightley and Vincent Cassel in it.

Yes I do love my big action, fantasy, zombie, horror, over the top movies but it’s also good to be different and take in some movies that may not be major blockbuster but will still be intense, powerful, dark pieces of work. With David Croneberg back in the frey he is one of the only directors out there at the moment who can connect into that dark, emotional pyschi and who better to perform those parts than Viggo Moretensen.


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