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R.I.P I-Spy Star Robert Culp dies

source E! Online

As I was ready to stop posting for the night E!posted on their website the sad news that actor Robert Culp has died.

To many people Culp is known for his part in the popular 1960’s secret agent series I-SPY with Bill Cosby. The shown ran on US television between 1965 until 1968 and broke many racial boundries during the dark period of American history when racial segregation was part of life in the states, the series was to be made into a 2002 movie with Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson playing the roles Culp and Cosby played for 3 years.

After his stint as Kelly Robinson in I-SPY in 1969 Culp starred in the Adultery crazy flick  Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice  along side Natalie Wood & Elliot Gould. Present day audiences will know Culp for playing Patrica Heaton’s dad in Everybody loves Raymond.

Culps resume spans hundreds of movies and television series everything from Man From U.N.C.L.E, Columbo upto even appearing on The Cosby Show. One thing unique to Robert Culp ishe’s a  member of the ‘I’ve played the President’ club when he occupied the Oval Office during The Pelican Brief.

It is believed Robert Culp fell during a walk possibly due to an heart attack. He was married four times and has 5 childrens our thoughts and prayers go out to his family at there hour of grief.


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