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In the world of animation this is the year of the evil geniuses with Megamind and now Despicable Me with Steve Carrell voicing the evil genius Gru embracing his darkside.

A few weeks ago I did post a new trailer for this movie and we we’re told it was the last but in the last 24 hours this trailer has appeared so im a little unsure how much new footage there is. Out of the two animated evil geniuses movies Universal at th moment have the better looking one but Despicable Me personally started slowly as well having a teaser out away beack in summer of 2009!!!. Time has went on and this little beauty is growing on me but we’ve only seen a short teaser for Megamind which was very disappointing but thats early days for that one.

Despicable Me has Russell Brand, Jermaine Clement, Julie Andrews, Jason Segal, Kristen Wiig and Danny Mcbride lending their voices. The movie will be out in USA July 9th but UK & Ireland its a few months later on October 15th.

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