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Scott Pilgrim Versus The World Trailer Coming this Friday!!!

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source Bleeding Cool

This Friday Kick-Ass will be unleashed on UK & Irish audiences (USA  a few weeks later) and so far the reviews for this movie have been universally positive. So before the movie kicks off  you’ll have one more good reason to see the trailers before Kick Ass as the first trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs The  World will be screened.

I noticed a few American blogs/sites couldn’t understand why the UK is getting first look at the trailer, it’s simple. In USA Liongate are releasing Kick-Ass and in UK & Ireland it’s Universal Pictures and Scott Versus The World is been released by Universal!

The 1 minute 38 seconds trailer is the trailers length and the movie is based on the popular graphic novels created by Bryan O’Malley with the on screen adaptation directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz).

This movie looks like it will go down a storm world wide and could easily build an internet storm like Zombieland did last summer. So when’s Scott Pilgrim out? UK & Irish pilgrimites will see Scott on August 6th and American Pilgrimites on August 13th.

Once the trailer goes online remember to check back here  and watch the trailer!!!


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