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Spike Jonze – I’M HERE short is online

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source HeyUguys

After Where The Wild Things Are Spike Jonze has become hot stuff in Hollywood and in the weeks after the release of the adaptation of The Maurice Sendak classic childrens book,the new project is I’M HERE.

I’m Here is an 30 minute movie short is what you could call a roboromance of 2 Los Angeles robots who fall in love  but as there love grows for each other things start to go wrong, it’s a bit of a weird one but still its wonderfully shot. The 2 robots are voiced by British actors Andrew Garfield (Imaginarium of Dr Parnassuss) and Sienna Guillory(Love Actually).

 The movie short was created in collarabtion with Absolut who helped Finance it as well as promote it. Great Indie music soundtrack but thats Jonze as his roots in directing start in the indie music scene, this movies music is original music composed by  Aska Matsumiya.

So where can you watch can I watch I’M HERE?  Thanks to Absolut you can watch it online, the full shebang by clicking on the link below which will take you to the movies offical website and watch it there. There is one little snag, Absolut are controlling the amount of people watching the short online per day sometimes you may have to go back after a few hours to get access…Its worth the watch and if need be the wait!!!


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