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The Hobbit To Start Filming in July, will it be 3-D As Well?

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source Empire , TotalFilm

When news, scoops appear online alot of them end up just been gossip and disappear of the face of the earth, but as they say straight from the horses mouth there has to be some level of truth to it. The horse mouth been Gandalf better known as Ian Mckellan and he has posted on his own website that the filming will start in July on the first movie.

In his website post he also states that casting has already started in Los Angeles, New York and London with the script proceeding with many old and new friends on the quest for Middle Earth. Now director Guillermo Del Toro already relocated to Wellington to be close to The Jacksons and studio Mirmar it does look like the ball is rolling for the who adventure to start once again.

No offical statement has been issued by NewLine about the greenlight on casting as well as filming but  Ian McKellan is not a man to tell porkies, he is an well respected stage and film actor so its not in his nature to tell little lies.

When the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy came out Peter Jackson & Weta  pushed the boundries of storytelling and visual effects to all new high, qaulity  and scale of movies have changed drastically. So when we hear stories stating that  The Hobbit will be created in 3-D theres no surprise and according to a TotalFilm source they will be making the 2 movies in glorious 3d.

Spokeman from Wingnut Films has refused to comment on the 3D  Hobbit and TotalFilm printed the response:

“It’s a conversation being had by a lot of studios but that’s as much as it is at this stage. We don’t have a cast, we don’t have a green light, and until any of those things happen no decision around [3D] will be announced or made.”

Whatever movie is coming out if its regarded as a blockbuster big budget movie people will assume it’ll be a 3d movie as well after the worldwide sucess Avatar has had (and still is having). But I’m just excited that the final piece of the jigsaw The Hobbit is been created for the big screen connecting up with the trilogy.

If you read my blog regularly you’ll know im not 3d’s biggest fan and see alot of the 3d movies as gimmickery but if you used the right way with the right movie I am interested and The Hobbit does look like one of those movies. It has the epic battles, galatic worlds and larger than life characters which does merit the movie to be 3D, but what do you guys think?

Like what they did before movie 2  and 3 came out the previous movie(s) where re-released to give you a reminder, so dont be surprised if the Lord of The Rings Trilogy will get the 3d treatment and be released just before the Hobbit movies hit the big screens!


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