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First Trailer for Dreamworks MEGAMIND

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source SlashFilm

A brand and first teaser trailer for Dreamworks animated feature MEGAMIND has debuted online thanks to Yahoo Movies. This movie has went through a few changes notebly Robert Downey Jnr out, Brad Pitt in and before that the movie was originally called Oobermind but that didn’t sound like a ‘dreamworks’ type of movie.

So what if a supervillian was able to defeat his arch ‘good guy’ nemesis? This is what Megamind does when he takes out Metro man but in and Megaman sets out to destroy mankind but actually sets himself up to save the day the first time ever. This movie is a parody of the superhero movie taking the silly side of incredibles crossed with spaceballs creating its own movie style.

 This is only a teaser which introduces Megamind so ill reserve any judgement until we see more.Megamind characters are voiced by Will Ferrell (Megamind), Brad Pitt (Metro Man), Jonah Hill and Tina Fey and will be in our cinemas on December 3rd (UK & Ireland) and November 5th  (USA).

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