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Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn..Summit Entertainment target Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola, Bill Condon To Direct.

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With movie 3 just a few months away for the Twilight Saga according to EW Summit Entertainment are trying to up the ante for the final installment Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn. They are reporting that after the Oscar sucess of The Hurt Locker Summit Entertainment want to bring some pedigree and respectability to their Franchise and want the last chapter (probably 2 movies) to go out with a big bang with an high end director at the helm. It has been said that the studio is very interested in Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola and Bill Condon to be that director to give Twilight the success acheived by The Hurt Locker.

So far it is early days and ‘interest’ doesnt mean any approach has been made though Van Sant’s agents according to the report have said they have been approached but Coppola and Condon’s team haven’t returned any contact before the report went to press.

To alot of the movies intended target age group (mid-late teens) may not be up on who’s who in directors so to them they may not really care who is directing as longs as they see there beloveded books adapted for the big screen. As for the above named 3 directors actually taking up the chance to direct the money-in-the-bank movie is a question we must ask ,realistically? First of all you must ask are they interested in directing a coming of age agnst teen flick? Do they have the time to do it? The main question is does there directing style will actually suit the movie? 

Coppola & Condon’s works wouldn’t suit Twilight audience it would probably depress them even more with Virgin Suicides by Coppola been the remotely closest to anything close to Twilight as in cast (Kirsten Dunst was 18 whilst in Virgin suicide, Josh Harnett 21) ages.Bill Condon also did an teen Horror movie called Strange Behaviour  which could make him  a interestesting choice though Gus Van Sant does look a little more palletable for many. But do these directors have time to create what will a movie with a very long schedule which looks likely to start filming autumn time?

Looking at there schedules Van Sant looks like he will be busy on production/post production of Restless which could keep him busy until autumn and possibly beyond. Coppola is also busy with Somewhere  as well another new addition to the Coppola family due in May so her hands will full, Condon will have his hands full with the Richard Prior biopic on the cards. So who will direct? It could still be one of these directors but you may ask is this story a ploy by Summit to get those people who have criticised the previous 2 movies to get curious in the franchise? Or could it be there last chance to make the franchise respectable and aim to get one of those nice little golden statues? We could go on forever.

Out of the books, Breaking Dawn looks like the most awkward even controversal  as Bella becomes pregent but Ive never read the books only seen the movies (I admit shamelessly!), so who’s da daddy?! Like anything from movie world until there’s solid evidence in front of us we have to treat all news as just gossip.It does seem like last chance saloon from summit to try win Twilight some respect, sadly the damage has already been done. As we know Twilight fans looking at what money thats brought $ummit they dont seem to care how crap the movies are, its twilight to them and even if the movie is directed by Sant, Condon or Coppola who is to say the movie(s) will be good anyway???


2 thoughts on “Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn..Summit Entertainment target Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola, Bill Condon To Direct.

  1. Why would any of these directors want to take this project on? (Okay besides money). I’d root for Sophia Coppola or any of them really, I guess, to try and make a good film out of the series (not that it really deserves it though).

    • true it would have to be a money spinner for them, the previous movies are poor, no garuntees this one will be any better. To get a movie franchise like twilight to be respectable they have to let a director have full creative license over the story and create there own style but then again theres no promise that’ll be good either.

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