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Wall Street 2:Money Never Sleeps Release date moved back to Autumn

source TotalFilm

Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2:Money Never Sleeps due to be released on April 23rd has now been postponed  until September. This is worrying stuff coming from Fox but the studio have yet to give a reason for the drastic delay and with the movies 2 main stars Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf already doing the rounds for promotion for the movie the timing is very strange.

Rumours and gossips will be rife now that one of Spring/early summer releases is been released later  and Variety have reported that Fox have stated that the movie “is better suited for fall than summer,” suggesting that Fox dont want a battle with Iron Man 2 which is out one week later on April 30th. If this is the case it could be a sensible move as way things are going Iron Man 2 looks likely to be a mega blockbuster but in the last 12 months the news of the movie’s release date changing is not surprising.

Like any story there’s two sides to it and until a offical statement comes out from Fox or the parties involved rumours will be bouncing around until now and after the matter is cleared. It could be a simple reason of scheduling but what we learned after the release of The Wolfman and even Case 39 to a lesser extent the problems that surfaced delaying both movies schedules to be delayed upto 12 months. If this is the case it could suggest the movie’s qaulity isn’t very good, so possible in house fightening or just plain old mess up of the story.

April is the month usually seen as the launching of the years summer blockbusters, the month to pump up our excitement for what lays ahead. But September and February/March is sometimes regarded as the months the poor/mediocre movies get released though that theory does tend to be more USA as District 9 was released september 2009 in UK.

Hopefully this September will be a exception. The new release date is September 24th but I’m unsure if that will be UK/Ireland but for the mean time we’ll use it as a guide.


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