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Tron Legacy Offical Trailer One has arrived

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Here is the First offical trailer for Disney’s long awaited sequel to the 1980’s classic Tron and embeded below is the trailler for TRON:LEGACY.

When it comes to sequels this is one you dont mind as its been 28 years since movie one came out so no quarrels here about another movie. Some of you out there in movie fanworld might not have been born when this came out, I was 7 and can just remember it and to see that the movie has the original 2 main characters well thats fantastic news the old battles will commence again. Alot of the websites and blogs seem to be getting more excited for Tron Legacy than Iron Man 2 which also had a trailer released post oscars, Im eager for both!.

This is only a teaser trailer so dont expect alot of action but what you do get is a true first taster of what to expect from the movie and Im sure more and more trailers, tv spots, featurettes will be posted online as we get closer to the release date. The story for movie starts with Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) tips of Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) about his father (Jeff Bridges) where his father maybe, directing him towards the old arcade his father owned which has the key to the world of Tron where his father has been for a longtime.

For anyone who is too young to remember or hasn’t see the original movie reccommend getting a copy of the movie and check out the story , it’ll help you understand the new movie when it comes out. As for the look of the movie it just look fantastic and the updated look is still very similar to the original movie. The soundtrack has been composed by French electro band DaftPunk and the song on this trailer has been specially created just for the trailer.

So whens it out? USA release date will be December 17th but as usual UK & Ireland are last to know there release date, but I have seen a possible January 2011 release date but nothings confirmed. I do hope itll be December 17th as this will be a great movie for the christmas season.

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