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To A Cinema Near you… The world’s Oldest story now a motion picture in 3D!!! Oh Smigels!

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source Deadline

I dont know how to start this but  I head to read this a few times to get it to sink, The World’s oldest ever story, the bible and BOOK OF GENESIS is to become a movie and not just any old movie a movie in 3D!!!

Now When I read this I though someone to put mildly was taking the biscuit but no, it does look like it’s going to happen. According to the source of this story Deadline they state Paramount Pictures  and Walden Media co-founder Cary Granat with Reel FX are mounting a stance to creat In The Beginning a 3D retelling of the Adam and Eve onwards with The book of Genesis as its source. Hidalgo scripter John Fusco has apparently been written a script for a while and very shortly Reel FX will be working on some test footage to present to Paramount  to get the green light and Paramount will also fund the project as well as distribute it.

Granat and co are hoping to attract families and using  spectacular 3d visuals and the families who are very dedicated to their faith like what happed with the Lion, Witch and the wardrobe audiences. What I am concerned is what version of the book will they be following? as what Christian religion will it be as you have to tread carefully when it comes to religious movies as you will end up offending  others. We can assume it be an Catholic book of Genesis so we can count out a Italian, Latino, Irish director along with Mel Gibson?.can we  count out a Jewish director like Steven Speilberg he is an man who is a strong believerof his faith? Will it be a Mormon or Jehovah Witness? or conservative methodist/baptist/protestant faith director? Whatever director it maybe they have to be neutral and respectful of all the religions that come under the banner of chrisitanity. I shall look on with curious eyes.


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