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Woody Allen Gets His Muse & Rachel McAdams For His Next Movie

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source Joblo

It’s been a busy few days in casting calls for Woody Allen especially when surrounded by beautiful woman. Yesterday  Deadline reported that Marion Cotillard is set to play the “Muse” in Woody Allen’s next untitled movie.

The delectable French star will be joined by Owen Wilson and French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy who has been connected to the project since it was annouced. At no point has anything been denied or confirmed that France’s First Lady has been casted for the flick.

There’s not much information on the project as Woody Allen is notorious of not giving out too much information to the very last minute but what we do know it will be a relationship movie. The movie will revolve around certain family member intangled in  love affairs and their attempts to solve ther situations, not much to go by but if you follow Allen’s movies the few relationship type movies he has done are all very similar.

Today THR have broke the news that Rachel McAdams has also joined the cast of the movie as well and this wont be the first time she has worked with Owen Wilson the pair worked on Wedding Crashers the movie that launched her into hollywood stardom. 2010 is going to be a busy year for McAdams as she’ll be working on Sherlock Holmes 2 movie, A terrence Malick project along with this Woody Allen Movie but there is also of an movie called Morning Glory with Harrison Ford. The next movie for Cotillard will be Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

This movie will be start shooting around Summer time in a mysterious French location. this is the second of three movies been financed by a Spanish Production company with You’ll Meet A Tall Dark Stranger been the first one. I have to admit I’m not a fan of Woody Allen movies as my  Friend from overseas said “I’m not American you wouldn’t understand the humour and structure of Woody Allen movie” my reply was “You wont either your from Vancouver!”


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