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Benico Del Toro “Making Jack Falcone”?

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Around 2008 Making Jack Falcone the book based on the true story of Joaquin ‘Jack’ Garcia a cub-American FBI Agent who infiltrated the infamous Italian mob Gambino Family(39 members in total). Back then Steven Soderbergh was interested in getting involved in Peter Buchman’s project to adapt the book with Soderbergh acting as a executive producer role.

If you’ve never seen a picture of  Garcia well he aint a small man, he stand tall at 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighed in at over 400 pounds. Because of his stature it made his feat even more remarkable simply due to be easily recognisable and it would hard for him on the run trying to get ‘lost’ in the crowd. Deadline Hollywood are reporting that they’ve found and signed their on screen Joaquin Garcia, noneother than Benico Del Toro. Del Toro worked with Soderbergh & Buchman on CHE playing the lead role. Its an good choice to play the man as he does have the height but he’ll have to add on alot of weight if he’s to look anything like the man.

Right away people will be looking at Donnie Brasco which protrayed the dangers and sacrifices a undercover cop has to do to bring there target to justice, Joaquin Garcia did have to overcome many of those issues to suceed.  One of the problems Garcia had was to keep his cover straight having to pose in in many guises from capo to a drug dealer in New and Atlantic city as well Miami.

Despite 2 years on Soderbergh is still onboard the idea of the movie whose script will be written by Buchman as well directed but they may now have to search for a new studio as it looks like Paramount may pull out. But as what Soderbergh done for Contagion he’ll have to shop around for a new studio and if the hunt goes like it did for that movie they shouldn’t have a problem finding someone.

If you’ve never seen Joaquin Garcia, checkout the trailer below of an interview he did for CBS 60 Minutes programme.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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