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Shaun of The Dead: The TV Series?

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source DreadCentral

Well many of our American friends believe Zombieland is the movie Shaun of The dead wanted to be whilst in the other corner mostly Shaun of The Dead think there movie is funnier. My opinon is that both movies are great, funny but also very different whilst both may have comedy & lots of zombies Zombieland is an road movie whilst Shaun of The dead is more homage toward Dawn of The dead movie. Anyway thats not why im writing this, according to a news report from The Guardian newspaper Shaun Of The Dead is to be created into a TV programme.

Shaun of The dead is one of the many Working Title movies back catalogue a  UK subsidiary of NBC Universial International and Working title is moving into tv production to recreate tv adaptations of there movies. There’s over 90 movies in the catalogue which includes Bridget Jones Diary, Billy Elliott and Nanny McPhee all movies popular and known to movies fans worldwide.

The initial plan is to create Shaun of the dead for American television and like any television programmes that’s successfull it will  either get shown here in UK & Ireland or even recreated again and aimed towards British/Irish audience. Zombieland was originally created to be on television so it was no surprise after the movies success that a idea for it to be made for tv was brought up but Shaun of the dead with American actors, mmm might lose some of the humour.

The thing it made shaun of the dead was its Britishness along with no one else actually making a movie like it, I’m sure if British actors playing the parts of zombieland wouldn’t like it either. The other question is how much input would Simon Pegg and Co have in the series, as with the other Working Title movies lead parts? Personally rather see the sequel to Shaun of the Day … Day of The Shaun? Night of the Living Shaun? well you get the drift…


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