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Incarceron is this the new franchise to replace Harry Potter? Fox Think So

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source SlashFilm

With the first half of the last Harry Potter movie The Deatky Hallows kicking off at the end of the year and the final part on July 2011, the film studios will be competing to find the next franchise or similar franchise to Harry Potter. Fox 2000 could have the answer with Incarceron created by British author Catherine Fisher, a dystopian adventure about an young 17 year old boy Finn  believed to be descendents of the original prisoners of an prison planet.  He tries to create a plan to escape this planet set in the furture which actually has dilapidated cities, metal forests, there’s even cells and Finn believes he has descended from the outer world Incaceron but with so many of the other prisoners believing there is no outside world it makes any chance of escaping impossible.After finding a crystal key Finn can communicate with a girl called Claudia claiming she is from the outside her world also a prison but constructed in a beautiful way and set in the past, the 17th century. Her life is also a misery as shes doomed to an arranged marriage and to make things worse she is the prison wardens daughter, Finn is now more determined to escape but not realising  that everything around him is not what it seems.

The book came out in 2007 in UK and not long after the sequel was created called Sapphique
which is due to be released in USA next year. According to the report Fox did beat to other studios to the signing of these books, but at this stage no directors, writers or even actors have been connected to this future project. I havent read the book but looking at the report, synopsis this does look a little darker and more towards the older teen market and if the second book hasn’t been released yet I think we can say this project is still a good few years away from been created for the big screen.


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