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Is Monsters Inc 2 A goer?

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source LatinoReview

According to Latino Review the word on the street is, Monsters Inc 2  is GO!!! Yes the adventures of Sully & Mike look like they will return once again and I have to say some of the rumours/gossip Latino Review have given us have ended up true!!!

The report says however it wont be at least until 2012 or 2013 before we can see our favourite animated monsters on the big screen again.  Pete Docter has been asked for the last few years will he do another Monsters Inc and Latino Review’s “credible source” says he will do another flick. What I have noticed though with the exception of Toy Story the other Pixar movies have never really had sequels, all original concepts and could be a case to leave something that ended on a high to leave it there but Toy Story is prove that sequels can also enhance the movies reputation.

It is a bit of Sequel mayhem at Pixar HQ with Cars 2 out 2011, Toy Story 3 this year, hopefully the monsters Inc 2 out in 2012 or 2013 but all we need now is an Incredibles 2 movie to come out as well!!! Looking back at Pixar’s back catalogue they do tend to release at least one movie a year so no word yet of a 2012 movie there is the chance Monsters Inc could fit the bill or even a brand new flick.

As its all gossip at the moment we cant deny or prove the movie will happen plus if it is will Pete Docter will be involved or even who will direct and most importantly when and if the movie will come out! We hope its true!


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