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Theatrical Trailer for KARATE KID Remake

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I have to admit I was one of the thousands who cringed on the internet when they annouced there was going to be a Karate Kid Remake. The original movie was cheesy but also good so when the first trailer came out for this remake I told you so, it wasn’t really anything special but roll to this new Theatrical trailer which you can watch below.

I have to say the movie has grown on me and the new trailer does look good.The new version has moved from Japan to China starring Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith who plays Dre who moves to China with his mother as she is starting a new job. It doesn’t take long for Dre to hate his new home as he starts to be bullied, as the bullies start to beat him Mr Han steps in to aid Dre. Mr Han is played by none other than Jackie Chan who teaches Dre the acient art of Kong Fu so that he can face the bullies himself.

The previous trailer seemed to focus on humurous/light-hearted side of the movie which was probably why the movie gained a bit of criticism but this one seems to take the movie more seriously. It has all the trimings & tidbits from the original, even has the originl soundtrack playing in the background at the end of the trailer.

It is also good to see Jackie Chan play a more serious looking part instead of some of the crap he’s done recently and Jaden Smith looks great as well with those excellent moves he does in the movie, probably months of serious training. As you know I was in China last summer and watching the trailer it did bring back alot of good memories as it was beautifully shot taking in the wonderful ancient & beautiful landdscapes you can see in the country.

The movie is due out in UK & Ireland on July 16th (11th June USA), even I am impressed with this trailer I probably wont see this movie anyway that doesn’t mean the movie wont be good though.

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