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CONAN News:Mickey Rourke Confirmed to play Conan’s father & Script for movie been re wrote

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source ComingSoon

Via HeatVision Coming Soon have reported that Mickey Rourke (Wrestler, Sin City, Iron Man 2) is in negotiations to play in Lionsgate upcoming remake of the classic fantasy CONAN THE BARBARIAN.

Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis)  will play Conan and if discussions go well Mickey Rourke will be playing his father in the Marcus Nispel (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 remake). Young Actor Leo Howard will play the young Conan.

What is worrying about this movie with only just over 2 weeks to go (March 15th) before filming starts in Bulgaria Sean Hood has been hired to re write the script that Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer originally wrote. Automatically your thoughts go to the Wolfman debacle when reports said the script and even production was taken over at the very last minute and after seeing what the final outcoume of that movie you wonder if similar things could happen here?

Sean Hood has worked with Marcus Nispel before on a sci-fi thriller Subterranean which could also start film this year. Lets hope everything will be fine or this could fuel peoples perspectives on remakes.


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