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Yippee Kai Ye Die Hard 5 & Unbreakable 2!!!

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source Collider

In a recent video interview for his upcoming Cop Out (out Friday) on MTV USA Bruce Willis let it slip that filming for Die Hard 5 will probably happen next year 2011. Nothing really does get revealed or even if the project is in early stages yet though it does show that no script, director or even an idea of what the story of movie 5 could be.

What Bruce Willis does doe is mention is his excitement of working with Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman . With possible production of movie 5 to start 2011, Bruce replied to the interviewer’s question about Wiseman

“hire Len Wiseman right now”

He mentioned his idea of John McClain was ;

”…it’s got to go worldwide…That would be my contribution to it.”

Sounds like John McClain will takehis adventures worldwide probably into European country maybe a terrorist plot and if this is the case a good chance getting inspired by al Quedia maybe fictional like in 24 tv series.  When it’s McClain it has to be the terrorist extremeists from some country as long as they get they in the wrong place at the wrong time scenario there’s a good chance it’ll work. I’ll admit Ive never seen movie 4 as I was working abroad at the time, I also missed it on TV recently and my friend even gave me the movie to watch on my PSP but I cant watch it as I have an asian psp!!!

Over at HeyUguys they have reported that also in the same interview Bruce Willis was quizzed about Unbreakable movie 2 and this is what Bruce said:

“I talked to [M Night. Shyamalan – director] over the holidays, and he is still thinking about doing the fight movie between me and Sam that we were gonna do,” he said. “We chose to do the origin.”

I have seen this in the cinema, i had to watch it a few times to appreciate the movie but like Die Hard would it work? And how far can you take a movie before you have to say STOP! So what’s your views on possible Die Hard 5 and Unbreakable 2?

What I have to laugh it is that when you interview movie celebs who have done popular movies/franchises when rumours come out of an follow up movie, when they do interviews for movies they have made they never seem to get a chance to talk about there current projects?

Here’s the Die Hard fruedan die hard 5 slip:

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