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Disney versus Odeon saga continues

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source HeyUGuys & Filmstalker
The Disney versus saga rolls on and on and probably linger around for while yet. The phrase together we stand, together we fall was an saying which the big 3 UK cinema chains have used together in the past and many expected it be it again on this fiasco but sadly not.

Today VUE UK’s 3rd largest cinema chain posted an offical statement stating they will not boycott the tim Burton movie with the news first been posted on their offical twitter page. They stated they hve reached an agreement and will now be showning Alice in wonderland, shortly after the tweet they released an full press release.

“London 23rd February: Vue Entertainment is delighted to announce that it has entered into an important and far reaching agreement with The Walt Disney Company UK that will deliver more choice for cinema goers while also providing more flexibility for the studio”….. read full statement here

Many expected Cineworld UK’s number 2 biggest chance to join Odeon but they decided to follow suit with VUE. Money is the keyword missing along with person’s choice, there will be a public backlash towards Odeon with people going possibly watching other movies at an rival  cinema. In reality people have the right to freely choose to watch movies but you always want to support local cinemas as well (especially smaller/independent ones). I admit Im openely critical of cinemas especially large chains destroying the smaller local cinemas long with the extortionate prices they charge from movies to popcorn, but I support someone standing up for what they believe in. As I said yesterday this could effect cinemas in general in the longterm a nd could spell the end of companies small and large long with scupper future movies been released. Its like been in a job where you do 40 hours a week but your boss increases your working hours to 50 hours but takes £150 of your wages.

The scale of this is massive reprecussion not just for Odeon  but more for Disney as I dont think they realise the pulling power Odeon has in the cinema world. They own chains in Ireland, Italy and these days  smaller chains could be subsideries of larger companies. In Netherlands only about 15% of the cinemas would not be affected but strangely it has been now reported by The Hollywood Reporter that the cinemas in Spain, Portugal, Germany and Austria wont be affected so why has UK/Ireland been told to cut there time whilst other regions are not affected? Is it an experiment? If it is Disney are swimming in dangerous waters.

You maybe saying I dont care as long as I can see it in some cinema, so whats the fuss? Well for us public we will get the movie on DVD quicker thats it but for Cinema chains in UK at least will be loosing 6 weeks of income and thats in 2d and 3d format as this movie will probably have a long run in cinemas. Its a crazy world when Morrisons  supermarket chain in UK are advertising the DVD/Blu-Ray already!!!

So last night  HeyUguys report that The L.A. Times is reporting that AMC in USA (also UK) is standing up against Disney’s plans as well. AMC has over 4,500 screens(Im sure they’ll include the UK screens as well) stateside and with them threateing to follow Odeon’s stance and boycott, Disney will have to act fast and probably broker a deal like they did with Vue and cineworld or This movie fianacially could be a global disaster none of which would be Tim Burtons fault.

It looks likely that Cineworld and Vue have done a deal with the devil here inShowing the movie with an nice lumpsum of money from Disney with assurances of  future releases from the studio. Odeon have kept their word and respect is due to anyone who keeps to there word no matter, Cineworld & Vue are thinking $$$ with major part of the movie public now looking to watch Tim Burton’s movie, let’s tow them in. So if this is an experiment if Disney come out smiling at the end, whats to say other studios wont follow suit and in that case cinema chains will have no choice but to follow.

Piracy is the other big issue and instead of Cinemas  & Film Studios fighting each other they should combine engeries and tackle the pirates together. Like what Ive said before and say it again no matter how long the period is one pirate always seems to get through and we see a copy of a movie online sometimes before the movies makes the big screen. The days of an pirate seeking a cam into a cinema are well gone, ways of getting movies as well as better qaulity copies have improved for the pirates. The film studio’s should be looking more closely at the people in the industry and Im sure you’ll find the culprits worldwide not just some little punk and the internet.

Once you get to the source of the piracy you’ll stop or at lest reduce the pirated versions step by step. Many people do want to see 3d movies and others dont really care, 3D should be for the cinema not hime entertainment. Cinema’s have their own part to play by making the movies more attractive with reasonable pricing for tickets (2 & 3D) along with the popcorn  as well and people will come back.

So whats your views on this debacle? tell us what you think do you support Odeon or Disney? post your comments below.


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