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Its only 8 days away(26th February)  until the release of THE CRAZIES the 2010 remake of the George C Romero chiller directed by Brett Eisner. It is a movie that The people movies cant wait to see  and will get  to see it a week earlier on 20th at the Glasgow Film Festival (review will be posted soon).

The way movies are promoted have got alot better the past few years and we’ve had a look at an excellent piece of marketing for The Crazies. MakeYourFriendsCrazy is a brilliant little website where you can upload your photograph and also get your friends to upload theres and you’ll then you and your buddies will also go crazy in the little trailer as well!!! I did try it myself and even my mum tried and we couldnt stop laughing, you”ll enjoy it.

Have a go and tell us what you think, even if you can get a screengrab of you we’ll post them up here!!!

source Duncan Jones

Click below for:


Vodpod videos no longer available. ^^^^ This is the tv spot you’ll be in !!!^^^^



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