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Tom Hanks grabs Summer Hours

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It wouldn’t be a proper day in the movie world without hearing at least one other movie/franchise getting the remake/reboot prequel treatment. It is also a sad day that 75% of the movies coming out or about to be made are taking this route, where have all the creative juices gone?  I feel really bad when a great international movie gets bought up by some Hollywood fatcat who is only interested in $$$ than qaulity and destroys the original story with an waterdowned piece of crap simply because some people cant be bothered rading subtitles. Or is it the fact that maybe film industries from another country can actually make a movie better than some the stuff coming from hollywood?

So today we here from Pajiba who say that Tom Hanks (of all people) and his production company Playtone have picked up the rights to remake the french movie Summer Hours (L’heure D’ete). Movie cam out in summer 2008 and starred Juliette Binoche a story about 3  children letting go of their childhood when they have to be evacuated from their dying mothers home.  Tom Hanks is an actor who isn’t short of a story or two or even short of a few pennies either so it is a little bit puzzling why he has went for this French drama.

I’ve never seen the movie myself but it scored 92% at Rotten tomatoes and these days its not easy for any movie to score well at this website especially a score that is not far off 100%. All you can say it must have been the story that interested Tom Hanks with $$$ just after that, it is early days yet with no screen writer or crew in place, but im sure we will here more about this very soon.


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