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George Lucas Reshooting WWII drama RedTail

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source Collider

After the near disasterous last 3 (or first three whatever way you want it) Star Wars movies you always wonder where can Mr Star Wars go instead to a Galaxay far far away? Believe it or not George Lucas has kept his feet firmly on earths ground  going back just over  7o years to bring us the story of The Tuskegee Airmen or 322d Squadron The brave African American airtroops who fought for the allies at World War 2.

The actual shooting for the movie did finish back in November but George Lucas seems to be very unhappy at director Anthony Hemingway finish product and is conducting extensive writing  so that massive reshoots can be done in order for that ‘magic; to return.

The report was first posted by First Showing and this is what was said on their site:

Lucas’ producing partner Rick McCallum is said to be pouring over dailies right now, trying to salvage whatever footage they can from Hemingway’s work in order to figure out exactly how much will need to be re-shot.

Thats  good stuff that someone has put their foot down but there could be problems. As the report said it would be extensive re-shoots which means the shoots would have to work around or they have the assumption that the movies main stars dont have any future projects lined up for the meantime. It is also said that Lucas re writes actually change the main characters and their storylines.

For the previous movies that Lucas has done we cannot say he is the best of writers and the last three star wars movies technology over took qaulity story writing and if stories are true he wasn’t the original  writer. Laurent Bouzereau’s Star Wars:Annotated Tales had a big inspiration on him and im sure redtails will have another big inspiration from some other writer.


5 thoughts on “George Lucas Reshooting WWII drama RedTail

    • have to agree on schindler’s list its donw as one of my all time favourites. This movie looks promising just concerned that the story wont be strong enough as some may not like it but when lucas wrote star wars he did get a helping hand and if he doesnt with redtails it could be a disasterous for it

    • Calvin J. Spann says:

      I am certainly looking forward to the movie of the Tuskegee Airmen. I, myself flew 26 missions in the P51 in the European Theater. I trained in a P47 and when I got to my base in Ramitelli, Italy, I was handed a tech-manuel for the P51 Mustang and was told to read it, ask some of the fellas how it flys and take it up for a trial run.

  1. Calvin J. Spann says:

    Well that’s me. I served under Col. BO Davis in the 332nd FG and 100th FS. Unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity to share my story with Mr. Lucas. Each one of us has a unique experience to share.

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