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Marc Webb and James Cameron talk Spiderman & 3-D

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It wasn’t that long ago when Sony ended the dreams of many fanboys and fangirls wordlwide of seeing Raimi and maguire in another Spiderman movie only to give them a boot  and then annouce everyone’s favourite webcrawler is also getting a reboot. As normal movie fandom went nuts some like some dont, the old rumour mill kicked off on whos going to be the elusive peter parker and who will direct.

Spiderman now going back to his school days with 500 Days of summer director Marc Webb going to be the man behind the lens for the upcoming rebooted trilogy, as soon as that was annouced we were then told its going to be in 3-D. Once the director and the leads are casted  people will start to assume who will the badguy be? possibly Moebius who was a big part of Parkers schooldays, no one knows yet all is just speculation but the news od the movie going to be in 3-d was expected.

On Screenrant one of their writers stated on his twitter page that he believes that Peter Parker will be played by an human actor with Spidey been an animated CGI character alot like how Sam Worthington’s Jake Sully character was when he became a Na’vi in Avatar. I have to say thats very believeable and with an report coming from MTV Splash that Marc Webb has spoken to the man who made Na’vi believable James Cameron.

It was said by MTV Splash that James Cameron did an workup for an Spiderman movie away back in 1991  which means he does have a few ideas floating around and Im sure Marc Webb would be very happy to listen and share. If you want a 3-d movie and one to work you have to create from start to finish not like Clash Of The Titans which was made normal  then converted, so want that movie to be fantastic well everything 3-D its got have a input from the man…James Cameron!Bringing in Someone like cameron who has the expertises and the techinical ability to understand the full power of the equipment you will gain a massive advantage in getting a successful movie.

Jon Landau, James Cameron’s production buddy told  also mentioned the following quotes;

“Last [week] we met the director of [the next ‘Spider-Man’ film]…[He] wants to do the next one in 3-D, which they’ve announced that they want to do. So, [Jim and I] want to try to support that as much as possible.”

also about conversion into 3-d

“Other movies are turning to it now, some of which I agree with, some of which I don’t agree with. ‘Clash of The Titans’ is coming out in 3-D; they’re converting it very hastily into 3-D. I’m not in favor if that. If you want to shoot a 3-D movie, shoot it in 3-D.”  (above quotes taken from Screen Rant post)

Though Ive rave and ranted about Clash of the titans and how much im eager now to see after reading the above quotes I have say now im a little worried that an upcoming movie like the titans which looks like its going to be a massive hit maybe destroyed as the studio seeks to take advantage by gaining more “crediablity” but really more money “from us already paying too much for movies” public. If it was to be in 3D or any format it should be made from start to finish as in how you intended it to be not after, always think of qaulity rather than qaunity(money) and if qaulity is good you will get the fianancial rewards. What many of these movie studios haven’t asked does the paying public actually want movies to be in 3-d? yes we want qaulity and new ways to experience a movie but 3d  is not a new experience its only the equipment to do it thats new .

Im still a little unsure if Spiderman created like the na’vi will work as the na’vi did not have anything over there face so you could see there visual features but spiderman will be masked and just could look to much like an animation. Im still not sure about 3-d as taking over from 2-d, there’s too many studios thinking about money rather than will our movie work in 3-d? If the right genre  it will work and only work if made from 3d from scratch not after.

Its Summer 2012 which is a while yet and we will here more about the movie but for now lets enjoy and cringe at whats just around the corner or in the cinemas now


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