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Chris Pine to Play Captain America?

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source FilmSchoolRejects

There’s talk coming from Film School Rejects via CinemaSpy that Star Trek remake star Chris Pine is one of the few actors that have made the shortlist for the upcoming Captain America remake movie.  Its not surprising that Chris Pine is on the list to play Steve Rogers and like many of the movies that are getting the remake/reboot treatment  they are going  for the younger lead.

With the movie going to be created via Paramount Studios Chris has a good relationship with them with Star Trek movie 1 (soon 2), Carriers and with a Jack Ryan movie and next years Art of Making money on the cards as well.  As well as been the age, pyshic and you could say charisma to be Captain A, well he has been James Tiberius Kirk hasn’t he?! Not forgetting he is now a recognisable face but the question is, will he be big enough to pull in the punters? I think they made need to rely on possibly the co-stars or even the fanboys/fangirls of the comicbook.

I dont know if Chris Pine would be perfect for Steve Rogers, he had it for Kirk but James Kirk is an totally different type of persona from Steve Rogers. Personally been a former comicbook fanboy in my younger days Captain America was never my favourite comic book, I actually found him really boring. Ideal person to have to brainwash you with patriotic propaganda  and you could say whats happened in the last 10 years a good comic book character for wars that are going on. In the source report they say Captain America was a rugged, badass soldier i think he’s the opposite too mr nice and when they said it would be red skull as the badguy I wasn’t surprised as I always seen Captain A’s world very limited but only got interesting when he brought in more Marvel superheros/baddies.


2 thoughts on “Chris Pine to Play Captain America?

  1. I definitely wouldn’t be totally against the idea of Chris Pine as Captain America. What I am more concerned about is the director. After reading the reviews from his latest film, The Wolfman, I am definitely uneasy.

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