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Are You Talking To Me?? Scorsese and Von Trier going to remake Taxi Driver?

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source Empire

Here’s one that’ll either make you piss yourself , make you cringe or simply make you really happy, Martin Scorsese and Lars Von Trier are going to team up to remake Taxi Driver!!!

According to Empire magazine whom got the report from Hollywood Elsewhere that unconfirmed reports coming from the Berlin Film Festival that Martin Scorsese along with Lars Von Trier are interested in bringing back Travis Bickle to the big screens with Robert De Niro playing the lead role once again!!! It is all rumours but Peter Alback Lars Von Trier’s producing assistant  neither confirmed nor denied the reports to Danish Magazine Ekko but said a statement will be made made shortly.

If this rumour is true, this wont be the first time great directors have went back to old movies and redone them. Alfred Hitchcock did it with The Man Who Knew Too Much, Michael Haneke remade Funny Games once in German then in English. But the question is does Martin Scorsese want to go back to what many see as his greatest movie and possibly make a version that would be worse than the original?

So what would Lars Von Triers input be? If it happens it could be him not Scorsese directing which would be very interesting with Von Trier has gained a reputation of obscure but very bleak and at times brutal  vision. Von Triers vision would be perfect for Travis Bickle mindset but how far would Scorses let Von Trier go with his masterpiece? It could be like the Nolan Superman  mentor possiblility with the mentor been Scorsese guiding  Von Trier but also letting him create his own vision without destroying the original, so this wouldn’t be a remake then?


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