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National Lampoon’s Vacation getting the reboot treatment

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source Empire

Everyone’s favourite Holidaymaking family The Griswold’s looking  like there getting a reboot. Thanks to Newline National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise is coming back.

Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley have been brought in to write a new script for a vaccation movie which will focus on Clark W Griswold’s son Rusty and his family. It will still be an National Lampoon’s movie but that part of the movie title is been drop, can you blame them after the last few years of embarassing dross vaction movies, Las Vegas Vacation anyone?

For this new version Rusty and Family will follow his old boys footsteps and take his sibblings off to Whalley World as seen in the original 1983 version.  Chevy Chase is apparently making an appearance as ‘Grandfather’ Clark but no word yet if Beverley D’Angelo will follow suit. As for the humour direction thats still upon in the air as in if they take the more adult route of the original or the family orientated Christmas Vaccation However there is talk that Wedding Crasher’s director David Dobkin as producer could see the movie taking the naughty route of the franchises better days.

Who will play Rusty is another matter as it looks likely there is going to be another actor with a possiblity of an established comedy actor like Seth Rogen or Paul Rudd to play Rusty and this could seen as another likely route  that New Line want a raunchy type vaccation movie. Since movie one Anthony Michael Hall, Jason Lively, Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory) and Ethan Embry have all played the heroic Rust Griswold. One thing to make this feel an Vaccation movie there has to be some connection be it brief from the original movies and the news that Chevy Chase will be that connection is good news for any National Lampoon fans ouththere, are you one? tell us what you think, post your views below..


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