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Well Ive basically been out since 1pm and i’ve just got back and its 11pm so I had to find something to post on the blog and here we are! Below is the first full trailer for M.Night Shayamalan’s THE LAST AIRBENDER which has just been posted online by Paramount Pictures,I have to say this does look good and its long overdue.

You think about it, it was summer 2009 we got the teaser trailer and that was that, nearly 1 year on we get a better glimpse of what we can expect from the movie with the super bowl tv spot but now we went to epic porpotions with this little gem!.A little more of the backstory here with a big basis on the martial arts and excellent looking CGI Effects which will look to be the movies main foundation.

Shayamalan isn’t reknown for family movies but he hasn’t made a decent movie in a long time, last week I was concerned that he may ruin the movie by overdoing it on by having a massive religious theme or connection in his movie. I know he is passionate and devoted to his faith but I find it offputting when someone a religion as been the one, Id rather let people who want faith to find it on there terms not his, So I do hope he steps back on that, other than that this does look awesome!.

The Last Airbender is based on the successful ‘Avatar:The Last Airbender’ animation series in which Air, Water, Earth, Fire. Four nationscome together through destiny when the Fire Nation launches a brutal war against the others. Caught between the action is Aang (played by Noah Ringer) and he discovers he is the lone Avatar survivor who can manipulate the elements to his advantage. With the help of the Waterbender Katara (played by Nicola Peltz) and her brother Sokka (Jackson Rathbone) the trio try to restore the balance to the ravaged torn world.

The movie also stars Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel along with Cliff Curtis, Seychelle Gabriel, Shaun Toub and Jessica Andres. I do hope for M Night Shayamalan’s sake he does suceed and bring us the trilogy of movies but for the meatime movie one will be out in UK & Ireland on August 13th (USA July 2nd)

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