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Is Penelope Cruz feeling Melanchonic for Lars Von Trier’s ‘Melancholia’

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source The PlayList

Has Lars Von Trier found his leading lady for Melancholia? According to various sources from the Playlist article Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is the one.

The reports say Von Trier and his assistant Anders Refn have told Danish television they have always had Cruz on their mind and she’ll lead the line in the movie which will explore the pyschological view of an disaster.

It is said the movies budget will only be around $5million mark with shooting for the movie to happen in Sweden, as in when it’ll happen no one knows but it’ll be sometime this year as they plan to show the movie at the Cannes 2011 festival.

The name of this movie Melancholia comes from the name of the planet which will threaten earth’s existance as its looms closer to our blue little planet. ‘This is going to be a pyschological drama with sci-fi elements to it’states Von Trier ‘ with no happy endings’ he also says. This is getting me very excited as I do love science fiction and movies with a element of sci-fi and too many movies always end with a happy ending so it’s going to be good to see a bad ending! if like Antichrist do expect something even more bizzare and twisted for the ending and bring the shock and excitement he brought at last years festival well we are all in for a treat.

If Penelope Cruz is going to take the part I do hope she knows what she’s getting into just ask Nicole Kidman, Emily Watson, Bjork or Bryce Dallas Howard what they think none have ever returned to work for Lars Von Treir again all. Peoplem like to say we torture ourselves in certain ways to achieve certain things as in Lars Von Treir he definintely “tortures”  people but only improvised in front of the camera.


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