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The Thing: Joel Edgerton & Mary Elisabeth Winstead Join The Cast

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source FirstShowing

Own up who shit themselves when they saw John Carpenter’s  1982 remake THE THING? (original The Thing From Out of space) Well I did when I was younger and even to this day I still get the odd shivering sensation when I see, c’mon parts of Human’s having spiderlike legs sprout out of them?! or the part of the blood samples when there all tied down and the human with the alien in it sprouts out!!! Anyway that dirty word remake obivously creeped up when the talk was this was going to be remade again, well actually prequel which is a slightly less nastier word but still.

The reports that Filming for the Prequel of the classic movie is to star filming next month and First Showing have heard reports that Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdom, Smokin Aces) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Final Destination 3, Deathproof) have joined the cast. It is believed that Joel will step into Kurt Russell’s part and was spotted at Sundance festival after his badass part in Animal Kingdom so hopefully a  good strong on screen preference. Mary Elizabeth has previously proved she can rough it with the boys with her performances in DeathProof and Die Hard 4, not only will she bring a bit of sexiness to the movie but also the brains as she’ll play the PHD candidate brought in by the team that discovers the alien ship.

You may say here we go again but the apparent story for this movie is to fit in nicely with the John Carpenter version based on the accounts of the doomed Norweigan (which was created by Kurt Russell’s character McReady ) and their fated discovery of the Alien ship under the ice.This will hoping will tie up the movies showing how the discovery and fate of  the Norweigans leading into the part of Kurt Russell trying to kill the alien which was in the dog that you see at the start of the 1982 version.

It is still very confusing on whats happening  with this  as First Showing’s source Heat Vision dont actually make it clear if it is going to be a prequel or another remake of a remake. Prequel does look an obivious choice but its what the film company want to do with it, do they want to create a spin off franchise? which would completey destroy one of the best ever horror movies ever made (better than the original)? Also its going to be created  by a first time director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. can he deliver the same or at leasta good part of the sci-fi fun and brown trouser moments that John Carpenter did in 1982? Lets hope so!


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