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Grown Ups: International Trailer

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A new International Trailer for GROWN UPS has went online and you can watch it down below.

The first trailer you watch it seems its all about Adam Sadler, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, David Spade and Kevin James about 5 friends reuniting again 30 years later after the death of their school coach. Roll on the new international trailer, its the Salma Hayek show, personally I couldnt care less as the 5 “comedians” arent really funny.

I know Adam Sadler has a “big” fanbase and they’ll not care who gets more screentime in this trailer as long as they know there hero is in the movie. With Salma getting so much screentime in this trailer has bemused many of the American websites, but I couldnt care less.

If you love any the 5 main stars the movie is out on June 25th Stateside as for UK or Irish fans there is no release date confirmed yet.

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