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Daredevil Reboot looking good to happening

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I’m do tend to give some things a second chance to prove me wrong then there’s time they dont deserve that chance and this is the feeling for many have Daredevil movie.

That dreaded word for many Reboot has creeped up again and Daredevil is getting a step closer to becoming another rebooted movie when Fox named David Scarpa as the writer. David Scarpa is better known as the writer behind The Day The Earth Stood Still 2008 remake which I thought was a good movie (not great) and Fox have openly admitted they wanted to reboot Daredevil since 2008, its just surprising how long it has taken them to get the ball rolling.

The original movie was made in 2003 with Ben Affleck playing the blind assassin-cum-lawyer which raked in $180million worldwide which is seen as a flop in many areas. Colin Farrell also starred as Bullseye with sexy Jennifer Garner as Elektra which became a spin off which done even worse. The original Marvel comic book series Daredevil told the story of Matt Murdock, a young man from the working-class neighborhood of  Manhattan who acquired particularly keen touch and hearing senses after a bio-chemical accident left him blind.

At times when I read American comicbooks when I was younger I tried to get into Daredevil but couldn’t maybe it was just the character was to human not superhuman enough, but the dark edge and the Frank Miller (300, Dark Knight) artwork did attract me. At times I saw Daredevil as Marvel’s answer to Batman, but Batman was too established enough to be knocked off by Daredevil.

You wonder why Fox are dong the reboot. In the world of movies which has been dominated by comicbook characters Fox own the rights to Daredevil, Silver Sufer, X-Men and the Fantastic 4 (expect more from these characters as well) . In the politics of movies Fox dont want to lose the rights of these characters and as long they keep them continuing in projects, Marvel Entertainment wont win the rights back.

Personally I’m really interested in this project after the crap that came out in 2003, but if Fox get an true director in who can take the character to the next level and possibly taking the reboot route Christopher Nolan did for Batman (drop the campness for a more dark persona), this will be another disasterous project.

If they also start with a clean slate maybe heading down the early days of Matt Murdock’s life, staying away from any of the original movie: new actor & new characters (or at at characters from the comicbook not used in the movie). The Fox are in the right direction to making Daredevil a respectable film.


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