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Well I did say there would be more movie stuff for the Superbowl and here it is, a new TV Spot for THE LAST AIRBENDER.This actually was posted online before Robin Hood TV Spot, yesterday I think, but hey why not!

I have to admit Ive never been a fan of M.Night Shyamalan‘s movies majority of them were flops(Sixth sense was good), well his last one was a disaster (The Happening). They all had potential of been great but all collapsed at first hurdle, but watching this tv spot I think he maybe onto a good one here.

The Last Airbender  is based on a popular childrens cartoon Avatar:The Last Airbender about Aang the last of the great Avatars who can control and manipulate the four elements. The story will be full of special FX just hopefully they dont over do it and hopefully Shyamalan doesn’t ruin the story with one of his obscure crazy endings.

The other thing that concerns me is many of M.Night Shyamalam’s movies do have some religious connection. I respect relgion and a person’s right to follow a religion but its common knowledge Shyamalan is an passionate religious man but this is a children’s movie and no one has the right to force there religious views on anyone especially children. If you want to follow a religion you should discover it on your terms not there’s.

I do hope this is an good one, its been a while since anything was heard from this movie and I do think a new trailer is due sometime this month. So far Im hooked! The Last Airbender is due out in U.K & Ireland on August 13th.

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