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COP OUT: Red Band Trailer

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Be careful I will say this only once, love profanity? naughtiness? well check out the new Red Band Trailer for COP OUT which you can enjoy (if your over 17, sorry) below.

The trailer comes courtesy of Myspace and the reason for the warning is simply down to the trailer content, if you watch it at work you will be in the job centre the following day looking for a new job, or your loved ones would hate you! As inĀ  what was missing from the greenband trailer we posted a while back was the humour, but can you take Bruce Willis trying to be funny? mmm difficult I wonder if Robin Williams who was originally to play the part Bruce Willis played would have been better? Anyway the humour is back in this a little more like Kevin Smith’s previous movies though the Cullen Brothers wrote this.

If you missed the previous trailer this movie stars Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan are longtime New York cops who are on the trailer of a rare baseball card But they find themselves up against a gangster who is obbessed with memorabilla.

The movie also stars Seann William Scott, Adam Brody, Kevin Pollak and Michelle Trachtenberg with COP OUT out in the cinemas from February 26th.

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