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Viral Website & New Posters for REPO MEN

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source Collider

A new viral site for Jude Law’s next movie Repo Men has popped up online and it looks very authentic, I really like it. It does remind me alot of the District 9 viral sites during last year, they have video  testimonials of clients who have got the top end synthentic organs. You can even view the whole product range from Artifog the fictional company created for the movie.  There’s insurance schemes, even a careers page and within it all a little bit of information on the main actors fictional characters, all in a great interactive website you should check out by click on the weblink below.

Also below the weblink is 4 new posters for the movie which are x-ray style posters with some of the main components from what the Repo men usually target, very freaky but very effective. As usual 75% time the U.K & Irish release dates are the last to be printed so no date for release but the movie is scheduled for an April 2nd release in USA.



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