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Heartless : U.K Trailer now online

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source First Showing

Below is the first U.K trailer for HEARTLESS which has just been posted online Thanks to Lionsgate.

During 2009 especially summer period we heard alot about this Phillip Ridley movie especially from the director and the films main stars Jim Sturgess and Noel Clarke but never seen a trailer until now.

The movie is about a young man called Jamie who is born with a large heart shaped birthmark on his face. The birthmark effects Jamie pyshically as well as mentally and would do anything to get rid of it. He discovers that the gangs in the east part of London (where the film is based), many of its members are actually realife demons and he is tricked into doing a deal with the devil who grants him his wish and removes the marks. As usual do a deal with the devil there will always be setbacks.

As well Jim Sturgess & Noel Clarke, Eddie Marsan, Timothy Spall and Clémence Poésy also star.

Heartless is going to get a very limited cinema release in U.K on May 21st for 3 days when on 24th it will be available on DVD. If you happen to be in Glasgow around 19th February you can catch it at the citys Film Festival (click here for deatils).

Its sad certain movies dont get the exposure they deserve with a decent run in the cinemas and only thanks to First Showing who were able to get the code that we can watch the trailer below as YAHOO UK dont seem to be bothered much about it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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